“Byron accomplished what so many doctors, physical therapists, pills and injections could not…relieved my back pain!  After suffering from a herniated disc for years, I had pretty much tried everything.  The next step was surgery.  That is when my husband urged me to go see Byron.  After working with Byron, not only is my back pain gone, but I have also gotten in really great shape!”  -Jill R.

A text to Byron after just a few sessions with TaylorMadeBody…. “You’re a GENIUS BRO!!! Best spin class I’ve had the last 6 months!!! THX!!!”  -Dr. Bobby Gay

“After having shoulder surgery, I did the prescribed physical therapy. When that was finished, I felt better, but still felt I had a long way to go to regain my overall strength, but especially in that shoulder. I was anxious about starting to truly work out again. I was afraid of re-injuring that shoulder. That’s when I decided to find a personal trainer to ensure my form was correct and I was not going to jeopardize my shoulder. I couldn’t be happier that Byron was the trainer I chose. Not only is he is knowledgeable, but he’s also a lot of fun! My shoulder is stronger than ever. In fact, I am in better shape now than I have been in decades. Along the way, Byron has also addressed back pain I was having through RESET. He really is the whole package!”  -Mark R.

“When I walked in to meet Byron for the first time, I was out of shape, overweight and having shoulder problems. Today I am strong, fit and pain free. I feel better than I have in years. Thanks to his emphasis on core training, RESET and MAT treatments.  My shoulder, neck, and posture has improved. The most impressive quality about Byron is his enthusiasm and genuine concern about my well being. He is constantly changing our routine so I never get bored and am always challenged. He makes me look forward to my 2 hours each week with him, rather than dreading it, like I did with past trainers. Byron is more than a personal trainer, he is an inspiration to all of us seeking to better ourselves!”  -Sandy O.

“I began weekly personal training with Byron Taylor 8 years ago. From our initial meeting I was impressed by his focus and knowledge of exercise, specifically strength training. After discussing my goals he designed a program to increase flexibility, tone and strength.

Byron has ensured the work outs were challenging by constantly providing a variety of innovative techniques that always kept me motivated. He is a master at his skills and profession and is very committed to his clients. After my knee replacement Byron was there to see if he could help with any of the rehabilitation. There have been times when I needed his RESET and MAT expertise and had very satisfactory results.

Byron has a passion and enthusiasm as a personal trainer, RESET and MAT specialist. I feel very fortunate to benefit from his incredible expertise.”  -Patti S.