Person Trainer


Personal training with Byron is just that…personal. Your sessions will be tailored to you and your goals. TaylorMadeBody offers innovative “personable training” whether it be one on one, partnered, group or even corporate sessions. Addressing not only the body, but also the mind, I will help improve your productivity and quality of life though health and fitness.

Who needs a personal trainer?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced athlete, you will benefit from quality personal training with TaylorMadeBody. I am constantly questioning movement and the body. Not every exercise is meant for every body. I have invested in my education to better understand human body movement to improve the way you move. I will teach you how to maximize your time and effort.

Why should I use a TaylorMadeBody as my personal trainer?

TaylorMadeBody is innovative in its approach to personal training.

  • Sport/position specific training – It will not look the same when I train a swimmer versus a football player. Even within a sport, training a running back will look drastically different than training a lineman.
  • Learn to use a gym and its equipment – Perhaps you are new to a gym. That can be very intimidating. I can show you how to correctly use all of the equipment and facilities available to you.
  • Setting up a home or corporate gym – Don’t waste money buying equipment that may or may not get used. Starting a fitness center from scratch can be overwhelming and expensive. Let me help you set it up so that you can maximize your investment.
  • Post-surgery – After physical therapy, many people feel lost and are not sure how to get back to a fitness routine. We can work to get you back in shape without compromising your newly repaired body.
  • Recurring injury/Chronic Pain- Feeling pain? Foam rolling? Feel the need to stretch? Allow me to address the cause. The Square 1® System addresses the symptoms and pinpoints the cause of pain. I will deliver strategic and individually targeted restorative exercises to optimize the functional components of the human movement system.

Where can I do personal training with TaylorMadeBody?

Personal training is available at Elite Fitness (members and non-members) in Western Springs, in your home or business.