TaylorMadeBody offers more than most personal trainers can. You will receive personal training that is truly personable and innovative. With TaylorMadeBody you will get integrity and accountability. I have invested in the science of the body and movement since 2006 and continue to learn new systems to benefit my clients.  

Specialties include:

  • MAT (Muscle Activation Specialist)
  • Be Activated Techniques
  • Square 1 (Formerly known as The RESET System)                        

Break downs, injuries or the inability to handle any sort of stress leads to compensation which subsequently leads to abnormal movement. Through a series of quick assessments, I can address the cause of the symptoms, and then restore natural movement. These assessments only take a matter of minutes.  ‘’My clients are immediately moving better and more efficiently. They are able to return to their daily activities, and get back to their game!’’

Just as a mechanic is to repairing a car, I too have a systematic approach to addressing the body.  Through a series of diagnostic tests, I can help to address injuries, and restore maximum physical performance on and off the field.

 Are you feeling the need to stretch or frequently foam rolling reoccurring injuries with no sign of improvement?  Have you finished physical therapy and are not sure what the next step should be?  Are you trying to get back on the playing field, or simply get back to your daily way of moving?  I can help. 

 As a student of the body, my goal is to maximize our time and effort to get my clients the results they are seeking.


“If you don’t see improvement in your movement after your first visit, then that session is on me!”