TaylorMadeBody encompasses a lifestyle change that will help get you back on the playing field and regain the quality movement that you deserve. Have you been foam rolling, logging lots of time stretching, have reoccurring injuries, or suffer from chronic tightness?You need to see me. I can help!

These are just a few of the conditions with which my clients have come to me.  We have had great success relieving their pain and regaining movement.

Back pain/herniated disc



Reoccurring injuries

Chronic tightness

Plantar fasciitis

Whether you are a novice or an experienced gym goer, I can help you.  I can teach you how to use the gym equipment correctly, or we can take your routine to the next level.  Like a fitted suit, TaylorMadeBody is tailored just for you. I am not going to make you something you are not, but it’s time to discover the power in YOU!


Your success is mine.

The missing link to therapy, training, and functional exercise.